Saturday, April 22, 2017

Two Months with Ashton

Little man, how are you two months old already? I feel like I blinked and time has escaped us. This especially rings true when I look at your sister and see how big she has gotten! Lucky, every time I look at you it is like I am looking at your sister. In way, I am getting to see her again as a baby.

We took you to the Doctor today and you are growing perfectly! Although your rolls tell the story, you are a big boy weighing in at almost 14 pounds and 24 inches. You love to smile and stare at Mom and Dad. Your favorite sound is your sisters voice and your little ears immediately take notice when she enters the room. Your Dad and I are very thankful that you are sleeping 6 hour stretches and allowing us to get some rest (most nights). Overall, you are an extremely calm baby and enjoy being out of the house and going on walks. I have a feeling you are going to be my little sidekick and that there are a lot of shopping dates in our future!

You are a doll! I love to cuddle with you and can stare into your sweet baby blues long enough to lose track of time. You are so loved!

As for me, I am embarking on a new season in life. Having never really thought I would take the plunge, I am leaving my position in education to work from home. Ultimately, I want to spend more time you and your sister. There are likely many challenges to come with this transition but I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. It will surely be an adventure and I am excited for what the future brings!


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