Saturday, March 28, 2015

R's Princess Inspired Room

When it came time to transition Ryann to a big girl room, I really wanted to capture her two loves: princesses and dressing up! What I didn't want was a cheesy princess room with too much cotton candy pink and generic princess items. I think we did pretty good.

I was immediately inspired when I spotted the princess silhouette prints on instagram designed by Kristin at hellolovelypeople. I loved these prints so much that I featured them through out the room. Another key feature of the room design was the ability to display all of Ryann's princess dresses in a way that allowed her to easily access them.

All of the big furniture pieces (bed, vanity and dresser) were vintage, used pieces. I found the old iron bed on craigslist. It was a horrible antique white with brass finishes. I took care of those imperfections real quick with a few coats of gold spray paint. Seriously people, I have used A LOT of gold spray paint and this one by Rustoleum is the BEST. I finished it with a clear coat and it turned out perfect! The vanity was also a craigslist find and it was equally as ugly as the original iron bed! After a lot of labor, love and Chalk Paint, it was just what I had hoped it would be. I went through the same refinishing process with the old dresser and hutch that I took from our family lake house. To protect the chalk paint, both received a final coat of furniture wax.

After a few months of shopping and mixing and matching, Ryann (and Mom), are very happy with the final result. Rosie the cat doesn't mind it too much either!

WHITE BEDDING: Pottery Barn Kids  //  CHEVRON QUILT: DIY [Tutorial HERE]  //  RESIN MIRROR: Home Goods  //  FRAMES: Amazon [Spray painted Gold]  // GOLD BUST: Hobby Lobby  //  LARGE WOOD MONOGRAM: Etsy [Spray painted Gold and Mod Podged with Gold Gitter]  //  MULTI-COLORED TASSELS: Etsy  // SILVER CURTAINS: Ikea  // DOLLS: Disney Store  //  DRESS RACK: Amazon  //  COSTUMES: Disney Store  //  RUG: Rugs USA  //  KID'S LUCITE GHOST CHAIR: Amazon  // MULTI-COLORED IKAT STORAGE BASKETS: Home Goods  // DRESSER KNOBS: Hobby Lobby  //  PRINCESS PRINTS: hellolovelypeople