Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jersey Sailor Knot Headband

I have had my eye the ever popular knotted headbands I have seen plastered all over Etsy and Instagram. I have not, however, been motivated to spend $12+ on a headband I knew I could probably pull off myself. Hence, another Spring Break DIY project.

What you do:

  Grab an old t-shirt that has a little stretch to it. The one I used was an old v-neck that has been hiding at the bottom of my drawer for too long.

Cut 2 strips using a rotary cutter or scissors. I cut each strip 3 inches wide.
Carefully stretch out each loop. If your shirt has seams, make sure you stretch them towards the ends of your loops as they will eventually be cut off.
Lay first loop as shown above.
Lay second loop on top of the 1st loop.

Loop ends through as shown above.
Carefully pull the ends to tighten the sailor knot.
You can play with the knot a little until you achieve the look you want.
At this point, I lined up the ends of each side of the knot and matched them to the opposite end.
After getting all ends lined up, I sewed two rows of small zigzag stitches through all eight layers of jersey. I measured my daughters head in advance to ensure a snug fit. (If you don't sew, you can hot glue the 8 strips together and conceal it with a loop of matching fabric.)
After sewing, I trimmed off the excess off the end and cut the corners at an angle to keep the tips of the fabric from peeking out.
This is what your seam will look like from the outside and is how it will appear when worn.
Finished Product...Success!!!
Even though her face does not show it, Ryann loves her new headband. She was sad because it was raining and she wanted to play outside. At least she is styling in her new sailor knot headband.

Want More DIY Headbands?

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