Monday, November 28, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 27+3 weeks

HIS SIZE: 15 inches long & over 2 pounds; the size of a butternut squash

WEIGHT GAIN: 17 lbs (I feel so much bigger this time around!)

SLEEP: Still getting up at the crack of dawn but sleeping sound at night.

SYMPTOMS: Sore legs and groin. I feel like am already carrying him very low and can feel the pressure.


MOVEMENT: A lot of moving and shaking.


1: Christmas Decorations - We debated back and forth this year if we were going to put up Christmas decorations and a tree this year. Jeremiah had elbow surgery on Wednesday and we knew if we going to do it, it had to be finished before then. Needless to say, we pulled the trigger and went all out. We needed a new tree this year and we were set on a pre-lit tree. We selected a 12 foot (it didn't seem that big in the store) tree from At Home and it was a beast to decorate. We ran into an issue when putting it up with a section not lighting. After some frustration and an exchange at the store, the tree turned out beautiful. Considering it took up almost 8 hours to decorate the house, I am glad we will get to enjoy the decor for over a month!

2Ashton's Newton Crib Mattress - Who knew I could be so excited about a crib mattress. We did our due diligence 5 years back when we purchased Ryann an organic mattress but man, has technology come a long way! This mattress is made from a food-grade polymer and it 100% breathable. Trust me, I tested it and could breath face down on the mattress. Another bonus is it comes with a cover and the mattress itself is washable! What!?! I will definitely have peace of mind with baby boy resting on this piece of innovation.
3How the Grinch Stole Christmas - It is obvious that I love the holidays? This is my favorite Christmas book. Ryann and I read it today and I was reminded how fond I am of this Dr. Seuss classic. It just so happened to have a very relevant message today. As we sat at breakfast with Ryann and talked about our Angel's we had adopted, we talked about why it was important to give during the holidays. She mentioned that she thought Christmas was all about getting presents. Ugh! This moment felt like a huge parent fail and had us irrationally wanting to ban the consumer-driven holiday plagued with gifts and the idea that it was all about Santa coming to town. Luckily, we didn't fly off the handle and vowed to focus on the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The Grinch said it best:
And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow, Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?" "It came with out ribbons! It came without tags!" "It came without packages, boxes or bags!" And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store." "Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"
I am hopeful our little four year old has a better appreciation of the true reason for the season after the year. It may also be a good reminder for her parents, especially this mom who spent too much time this morning indulging in Black Friday shopping. The truths you discover through your child...



Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 26+2 weeks

HIS SIZE: 14 inches long & about 2 pounds; the size of a butternut squash

WEIGHT GAIN: 17 lbs (I feel so much bigger this time around!)

SLEEP: Lots flipping back and forth but I have been able to go back to sleep quickly.

SYMPTOMS: I have felt generally "sore" this week. I think there is a lot of stretching and growing occurring.


MOVEMENT: He is a wiggle worm.


1: Slow-Cooked Oats - There is nothing I love more than a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast! I have been eating oatmeal (pretty religiously) for the past 5-6 years. It is even better when you slow cook it on the stove with milk. Yummmmm!
2Amazon Prime - I cannot even begin to tell you how Amazon Prime has changed my life! Talk about a first-world luxury. Having this convenience of same-day and 2 hour delivery (on a lot of items) has saved me so many trip to the store. If you are not Priming, you should give it a try!

3The "Triangle Wall" in Ashton's Nursery - Talk about a labor of love! To carefully and strategically place 100 four inch triangle ONLY took 5 hours...and it was totally worth it! I love this wall so much that I think I have decided not to hang anything on it. It definitely stands alone! I purchased these decals from Urban Walls. The quality and ease of peeling decals off was very impressive. If you are willing to invest the time, I highly recommend these!



Friday, November 11, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 25 weeks

HIS SIZE: 14 inches long; the size of a cabbage


SLEEP: Good minus Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when I stayed up to see the final election results. What a crazy night!

SYMPTOMS: Does irritability count? I traveled this past weekend to see my grandparents in Iowa, who are both ill (which was awesome and fulfilling), and then came home to a house in total disarray. We are having all of our carpet upstairs replaced with wood and our house is a dusty disaster. Every piece of furniture from 4+ rooms is crammed in our media room. It is noisy, dirty and taking much longer than anticipated. I know in a week I will be happy with the result but it is hard functioning in your house when it is nearly unlivable. End rant:)


MOVEMENT: He is a wiggle worm.


1: Sam Edelman Paige Booties in Taupe Rose - These are the cutest! I wore these for the first time this weekend and was thrilled by how comfortable they are to wear for an extended period of time. I have a feeling these will get a lot of wear this fall/winter.

2The Bee and the Fox - I follow this store on Instagram and I love the minimalistic look of their shirt and apparel designs. I just received my first order: the "mama bird" shirt and "baby bird" onesie (for Ashton). I am excited to put this super soft outfit on him!
3: Quiet by Susan Cain - I just finished reading this book and it really spoke to me. It reaffirmed a lot about what I already knew about being an introvert and made me look at the way I handle some of Ryann's tendencies in a new light. If you are an introvert or are married to one, this is a must read!


Friday, November 4, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 24 weeks - 6 months!!!

HIS SIZE: 13 inches long; the size of an eggplant


SLEEP: The runny nose is keeping me up a bit. :)

SYMPTOMS: I have been hit by allergies this week! It started out as a runny nose and has morphed into sinus pressure, burning eyes and a headache. Oh how I could go for some Mucinex right now! Thanks to my helpful and understanding hubby, I have had lots opportunities to nap when I get home from work.



1: Reading to Ryann - She begs to be read to and it is one of my favorite things to do with her! She is so inquisitive and asks such good questions along with pretty accurate prediction of what she thinks will happen. It is such a joy to experience her mind, imagination and creativity grow! Some of our favorite books right now are If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts), and Dragons Love Tacos.

2Wildfox Sweatshirts - Although it is not cold here yet, I live in these when I get home from work. They have the yummiest fabric texture and are so cozy. That being said, if you see me on the weekend, you will likely see me in the sweatshirts on repeat. :)

3Essie Smoking' Hot Polish - This is my fav color for fall! It is a grayish purple and a nice change up from my typical choices of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark and OPI's Midnight in Moscow.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nursery Sneak Peak #1

I {heart} decorating baby rooms. I loved putting Ryann's room together and Ashton's is no different. Right now we are waiting for our wood floors to be installed on the second floor so I can really get after it. Here are some of my favorite pieces (so far).

This baby is already hanging in his room and it is AMAZING! I wanted something masculine and industrial. Most of the lighting in our house is Restoration Hardware but in this case, I felt this fixture gave the same look AND was a much more affordable purchase. It was already wired and very easy to install. Thanks, Hubby! I really wanted clear class Edison bulbs as oppose to the Amber color. After a little searching, I found these and could not be happier with the final look. After we finish the room, I will add a picture of the fixture installed.

Three Hands Resin Animal Heads
[These were VERY hard to find and are no longer available on the sites where I purchased]
Everyone has seen Beyonce and Kim Kardashian's lucite crib that runs a cool $4000. Needless to say, that was not in the budget. However, I did find this Babyletto crib that includes lucite features without the hefty price tag.

Light boxes seem to be all the rage. When searching, I found them listed anywhere from $60 (Urban Outfitters) to $20ish. I settled on the tried and true Amazon offering based on reviews. Ryann and I are already having fun spelling out words and fun sayings with cute emojis.