Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Welcome to the World, Ashton James Chapman

Oh little boy! How excited (and anxious and nervous) we were to meet you. I have been packed and ready for your arrival for weeks. While it is not surprising that I was super prepared, it sure amused your Dad!

We checked into Texas Health HEB on the night of Sunday the 19th to start the induction process. I was all too familiar with how this was going to go since I was also induced with your sister. Apparently your Daddy and I breed large babies. Once we completed the obligatory paper work and signed our lives away, they took us to room 104 where we would stay until we brought you into the world.

Once we got settled, the questions started coming. Since we had a student working with our nurse, Katy (who was absolutely amazing), it took FOREVER to go through enrollment and do all the medical history. Around 11 PM, they hooked me up to the monitors, set up my IV and inserted the Cytotec. I was only 1 cm dilated and my cervix was extremely posterior, meaning I had a ways to go before my body was ready to birth a baby. After that was set, I took the Ambien I was offered and Jer and I both tried to get some sleep. The nurse came back in after 3 to give me my second dose of Cytotec and check my cervix. She let me know I was starting to contract some and that they would be back in after 7 AM to start the Pitocin.

Around 7:15 AM, the day nurse came in and started my Pitocin drip. Now the fun would begin. A few hours later, she came back in to check me only to find I had only dilated another centimeter (now 2 cm dilated). Come on body! Once 11 AM rolled around, my doctor came in to break my water. OMG! Because my cervix was so posterior, this was extremely painful and I was so thankful to have this part over with! Now to wait and see how things progressed.

Ryann and my sister came by, along with my parents and Jeremiah's parents. I loved having Ryann there. Although she was not real sure about what was going on, I could tell she was excited. We had fun eating snacks (well Ryann had fun eating, I had to watch) and watching her color. She proudly wore her big sister shirt and was curious about how much longer she would have to wait. Patience, little one. After and hour or so, she went back to my sisters to take a nap.

Around 2 PM. I requested the epidural. I was super leary about having another epidural. When I had Ryann, the epidural caused my legs and feet to burn like crazy making it almost unbearable. I prayed that I would have better results this time. Luckily, I am not afraid of needles. That being said, anytime someone is placing a needle in your spinal cavity, there is some fear of what could go wrong. Luckily, the whole thing only took about 20 minutes. Once it started to take effect, I quickly realized, as the contractions were starting to get really strong, that I could feel everything on my left side and still had full mobility of my left leg. Thank goodness, they were quickly able to make adjustments so I was able to get comfortable.

As the hours passed, I was making very little progress. It was now around 4 PM and I was still on at a 3 and very frustrated that my body was not cooperating. We were now at the point where a c-section was a real possibility and this was not what I wanted. I sat and prayed that I would dilate and that I would be able to meet you soon.

The next time I was checked, around 5:25, I was 5 cm and halfway there. By 6 'o'clock, I was an 8 and they called the doctor and let her know I was close. Things were moving very quickly now, thank goodness! Dr. Cipriano arrived, made a final assessment and let us know it was time to push. We said our last goodbyes to my Dad and Jeremiah's parents and started getting mentally prepared for what was to come.

My sister walked in at 6:30ish, with Starbuck's for my mom and Jer, just in time. My doctor got ready and it was go time. I am so thankful for the postive atmosphere in the room. We were all very laid back and casual. The Bachelor was playing on the TV in the background when I started to push. Perfect. My doctor and the nurses (one of which was part of the delivery team when I had Ryann), assured me that it would only tak a few pushes before you was here. Boy were they wrong. Little guy, you were in there super crooked and it took nearly and hour and half of pushing. More or less, you were wedged in there and the lump on your head told the story of your arduous journey.

Your Dad stayed by my side the entire time encouraging me and keeping the environment lighthearted. My sis was there snapping pics the whole time (most of the pics in the video at the birth stage were taken by her) while my Mom sat back and "faux" pushed through the contraction with me. I bet her glutes were sore the next day.

Towards the end of the pushing, the pain was pretty intense since I had the epidural turned off about 30 minutes in so I could "feel" myself pushing. Let me tell you, I got me wish and then some. That whole "ring of fire" thing is the real deal! After 3 final pushes and a lot effort, baby boy finally made a grand appearance at 8:23 PM. They immediately laid you on my chest (as you peed and pooped). You were perfect and I was so overwhelmed that you was finally here. I can't quite put the feeling into words, but this experience was different than when I had Ryann. I guess I felt more at peace this time and more aware of what was to come the next few hours and days. Overall, I felt less anxious and was just so incredibly thankful to now have two beautiful babies.

As they "cleaned"me up, your Dad and I just sat and stared at you. After a short while, you began to nurse like a natural. It is amazing that a little human, new to the world, had such an innate ability to know what you were supposed to do. I felt so relaxed and I knew that you were going to be an easy baby (and so far I these initial feelings have been accurate).

Pregnancy can be tough, filled with emotional ups and downs, sacrifices and times of absolute euphoria. This day will be memory I never forget and be a forever favorite. I am so thankful God chose me to be your Mom. 

Your Dad and I are so grateful and love you so much, Ashton James. You and your sister are our everything, forever.

***Ryann was not able to meet you during your first few days because she came down with a cold. You got to meet your big sister a week later. While she is still a little unsure, I know you two will be forever friends.

Robe: Pink Blush | Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais
Robe: Pink Blush | Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais
Robe: Pink Blush | Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais
Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais
Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais
Robe: Pink Blush | Ashton's Hat: Amazon | Blankets: Aden and Anais