Friday, December 9, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks

HIS SIZE: 16 inches long & 3 pounds; the size of a pineapple

WEIGHT GAIN: 20 lbs...pregnancy gives all new meaning to the term "gains"

SLEEP: Pretty good

SYMPTOMS: In an effort not to complain about anything pregnancy related this week, I am going to go with "symptoms are pretty typical for pregnancy at this point". ;)


MOVEMENT: He loves to move at night right when I get settled, just like his older sister did.


1: Finn and Emma Wooden Play Gym - Is it weird that my favorite things are baby toys that are unused at this point? We purchased this wooden play gym in the woodland-themed birchwood. It is so simple and the handmade toys (a mix of organic hand knit animals and carved Indian hardwood woodland creatures) are adorable. Excited for Ashton to play with this beautiful toys sans over stimulation.

2: "Be Brave, Little One" Prints - I am so ready to hang these prints! We are waiting for our nursery chair to make it way here (6-8 weeks is a long wait) and we will be ready to finalize the baby room and get the rest of the "stuff" hung. I plan to hanging these coordinating prints over the long dresser on a plain gray wall. I designed these to go with the minimalist, black and white theme and had them printed online. They turned out perfect. I ended going up with 24x36 black frames with a white mat to break up all of the white in the room. I will post a pic of the finished product (and share the files) after I get them hung.

3: Woodland Christmas Ornaments - We have about a 100-120 of these precious little critters on our tree ranging from "weenie dogs", as Ryann affectionately calls them, to lady bugs. We have been collecting these over the past 3 years, purchasing them in bulk during after Christmas sales. Ryann loves to sit by the tree and name all the the animals and creatures she spots. While ornaments are definitely an investment, I see these little guys remaining a Christmas mainstay in our house for many years to come.


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