Tuesday, September 27, 2016

So Easy Posole

This very simple recipe is a family favorite! It is fast and requires minimal prep or cleanup. Even my daughter Ryann loves to help! Shredding the chicken is her favorite part:)

*5 to 6 cups roasted chicken, shredded (or 2 rotisserie chickens, shredded)
*2 large cans white hominy, rinsed
*Large white onion, coarsely diced
*1-2 jalapeños finely diced
*4-6 garlic cloves diced
*10 cups chicken broth
*Fresh squeezed lime juice from four limes
*2 limes cut into wedges for garnish
*Fresh diced cilantro
*Chipotle pepper seasoning (I use 2 teaspoons or more so season to taste)
*2 avocados

*Everything gets cooked in a single stock pot

1: Sweat garlic, jalapeño, and onion in olive oil until onion is translucent
2: Add hominy and shredded chicken
3: Add chicken broth and chipotle seasoning
4: Toss in 3/4 of chopped cilantro
5: Bring to simmer then turn to low until ready to serve
6: Add fresh lime juice prior to serving. (If you add it to soon, it cooks off and you can't taste it.)
7: Throw avocado, a pinch of cilantro, and a pinch of chipotle seasoning on top once bowled. Squeeze some lime on top and you're ready to go!

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